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This new Giga Bay Lodge unit of Rua da Oliveira consists of 9 rooms integrated into 3 apartments recently restored and opened sequentially. Each room houses 4 to 10 beds individually arranged in high quality superposed bunks.

All our guests have access to an indoor patio/terrace and three kitchens with grill/microwave devices. Other facilities are available, such as continental breakfast at nearby partner Giga snack-bar. English breakfast is available as well as a daily special meal deal. Not to mention our exclusive "Call Ratattouille" delivery service for pizzas, hamburgers and hot-dogs.

We also offer free night deals, special prices for groups and very special prices by our local partnerships available to water parks, boat, surf and kayak trips, fishing and scuba diving, grotto trips, bikes, motorbykes and car tours.

For all this, to enjoy the beaches or to live the fun of a good time you can rely on Giga Bay Lodges, the right place for your unforgettable holidays. And much more.

Why do people choose Lagos, the former capital of Algarve, knowing that Portugal, the oldest european nation, has so many compeling attractions or even knowing that the Algarve has in fact endless villages, towns and beaches to go?
Well, some Lagos first tourism discoverers still say today that this town is the precious little jewel of the Algarve.
Beginning in the late 60's of last century, its tourism was developed with good taste and class, an option fully assumed by all residents.
People are continuing to come here for a main-course coastal buffet featuring more than a half-dozen beautiful beaches. Quiet sandy coves are sandwiched between dramatic cliffs.
The big and sandy 2.5 mile stretch of Meia Praia caters to every water sport imaginable. And when you’ve had your fill, you can digest your day with some of the best nightlife spots in the Algarve region.
Lagos offers today a very rare balance of history and charm coming from the rich Portuguese culture combined with comforts and various facilities to please the desires of the most demanding tourist.
You will find and feel a special something here. The warmth of this town and its people makes very difficult to resist falling in love with Lagos.

Avenue view from the Market top
Giga snack-bar & restaurant
Giga snack-bar & restaurant
Byke raids deals
One of Lagos squares
Lagos Castle
Meia Praia beach
Henry the Navigator square
from the Castle to Henry square
Boat trips deals
Amazing Lagos rocks views by boat trips
Awesome Lagos rocks views by boat trips
Dona Ana beach
Dona Ana beach
Lagos harbour entrance, hillside view
Lagos harbour entrance view by microlight
Common bathroom
Interior Patio
Mixed Dorm Room
One Corridor view
Giga Bay Lodge entrance door
Access to one Kitchen and Interior Patio